07 Serotonin or Seroton-out?

Some days I’m a mess, other days I’m less of a mess.

Today I didn’t want to write, I didn’t want to write at all. Still, I tried, writing 100 words here, 200 there. But for whatever reason I couldn’t decide on what to write about.

I don’t want to call it writers block though, I read somewhere that writers block is synonymous with laziness.

Not saying that I’m not lazy. If I wasn’t so lazy I would have included a link somewhere above, redirecting you to its origin. Perhaps there isn’t one.

If you find something related, link it bellow, would you?

. . .

The issue that I face is an unorganized mess that I find difficult to approach, at least at this very moment. My drive is low, and my motivation has tossed itself out the window. It want’s nothing to do with me tonight. This relationship feels awfully one-sided.

So I decide to see what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m suffering from mad cow disease. This would explain my late night McDouble cravings. Or worse– I’m allergic to the water…

Perhaps I’m just depressed.

I Should Eat A Banana

You may think I’m overreacting, and I would agree with you on any other day. But here’s the thing; I’m sleep deprived, and being a hypochondriac seems perfectly reasonable to me tonight.

So I search the kitchen cabinet in hopes that I’ll come across a bundle of bananas. I should be fasting right now, but what’s more important, body fat or blog writing?

I ponder the thought for a moment, then decide I should eat something first, that way I can come to a proper decision.

Bananas are high in tryptophan, which is a precursor to Serotonin. Tryptophan is an amino acid, one that plays a main role in creating serotonin.

Chances are the more tryptophan in your food, the better your mood.

The follow is a list of foods high in tryptophan:

  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Blueberries
  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Nuts

A couple other ways to increase serotonin is through exercise (1,2) and light therapy (3).

Another reason you’ll want more serotonin in your body is because low levels are linked with poor memory, difficulty sleeping, low mood, anxiety, low self-esteem and aggression.

. . .

So here I am, two hours past midnight, eating a banana and boiling three eggs while staring at the hot water bubble up.

I feel good. I feel like a should write about it, and so I did.

If you got this far, thank you for reading. It means a lot.

See you soon.

Author: Jona

Jonathan is a Health and Wellness Content Writer. Devoting his time to increase exposure to the general public of the importance of living a healthier lifestyle, both inside and out. His primary goal is to enrich the lives of those he's fortunate enough to reach. Jona has more than five years of writing experience with a little over a decade spent on learning the fundamentals of health and wellness.

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